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He May Have Great Power

He may have great power at his disposal and none as successful as he
But one day he will lay in earth's bosom just like the mighty forest tree
That weakened by age crashes to earth in a storm to die off and slowly decay
What is born out of an act of Nature must return to Nature one day
He has made his mark in Human History his fame it is known Worldwide
An amazingly successful person and in his successes he takes great pride
A man who is feted and honoured in story and song and in rhyme
But even the deepest of footprints are covered by the sands of time
As a boy he daydreamed he'd be famous his achievements his daydreams did exceed
Some people are born to achieve greatness whilst some at anything do not succeed
Yet time puts the rust into iron and in time everything fades away
And the dead monarch or president does not hear what the living of them have to say
And the man and woman of the moment those that we look up to as great
May not be revered in the future on all things there's a use by date.

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