He & Me

He never cared for me,
And I thought we were meant to be.
How could I be so stupid,
As to believe there really was a cupid.

He said he loved me.
But I guess I didn't see,
Through those deep, flooling green eyes,
That all of his words were lies.

He said that I was his one and only.
I believed him and now I'm the one who's lonely. Someone else I then started to love,
And you were no longer my white and sinless dove.

I didn't tell you as we went on.
Then out of no where I said, 'We're done.'
I started to love the other him.
And you became ever so dim.

I was then told when we were still going,
That you spent time with her without me knowing.
I wasn't truely hurt until I was told,
That you slept with her...Now wasn't that bold?

How could you do something like that?
I felt used like and old dirty mat.
If you could only see the scars you gave me,
You probably wish those moments with her never came to be.

As I go to sleep at night I lay there,
With a knife in my hand telling myself, 'Don't you dare.'
You are the only one I come to think of,
But I know that she is the one you 'love.'

He and me were not meant to be.
Since it was his fault, I now have to pay the fee.
As the blood runs down my arms,
All I think about is you and the people you harm.

He & me...
What a great wish that would be.
He & Me.
We're not meant to be.

by Sam Smith

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