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He Never Cared

I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy,
A boy who doesn't understand,
Or maybe he just want to,
All I am doing is asking,
Praying that he will love me,
His eyes the color of the sea,
When it is stormy out,
Reflect my image,
He speaks not a word,
As if he does not understand the way I feel,
Frustrated I say nothing more,
No more words of love are uttered forth,
As I look into his eyes,
His hair so strange to me,
Wild and untamed like the spirit running within him,
I could feel his hair sliding through my fingertips,
Though I laid not a hand upon him,
His voice was soft,
In a way almost childish,
I had heard him speak many times before,
We were close friends but I wanted more,
He shoved me away,
Telling me we could never be,
That we lived in two different worlds,
That night I went home,
Saying nothing,
Calling no one,
I took a knife to my body,
He found me..
Laying there,
Rushed me to the hospital then left,
Not caring at all..
As he had other things to do...

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