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He Never Will Go Home Again

He never will go home again for time's not on his side
And he never more will see again the Atlantic at full tide
And watch again the rowing boats amongst the wild waves dance
From his sea side Village far north of here in Brittany in France.

He fancies she is by his side the great love of his life
His young sweetheart who emigrated with him his dear departed wife
He runs his fingers through her soft brown hair she whispers I love you
And he can see the look of love in her bright eyes of blue.

Their son and daughter are grandparents and they both live elsewhere
And he in his early eighties now and feeling the worst for wear
He had fought in war as a young man and hard times he had been through
But he survived for to tell the tale one of the lucky few.

An old man living on his own his accent he retain
He brought it with him from far away and with him 'twill remain
Until the Reaper claim him in the not too distant day
And time takes care of all of us as it ticks and ticks away.

Last February on his birthday he turned eighty three
And he never will go home again to his Village by the sea
But the one true love of his life in his dreams with him today
She came with him to this Southern Land from Brittany far away.

by Francis Duggan

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