He's Been Linked

He's been linked.
And that is all they care and think about.
It's on their minds and whispering lips.
Another scorching juicy scandal...
Hot and sizzling,
With ascorbic, tantalizing and tingling gossip.

Ohhhh he's been linked!
'No! '
To drugs and freaky sex.
His steps are followed,
And when he belches...
They stare to see what else is done next!

He's been linked.
To nasty trash and gripping slime!
And they who spy on his every move...
With wishes to get closer,
To rub and pinch his tight behind!

This mass of muscle has been linked!

Someone lies on our idol! '

And he wont be left alone.
He symbolizes heated...
And loose testosterone.
All men and women secretly dream,
To cream and fondle his bone!

He's been linked!
And he laughs to himself,
As he sinks comfortably...
In his plush leather chair.
Feeling at peace,
And having a cup of tea to drink!
Wishing he too had been there to be aware...
That he has been linked!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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i apologize for not being aware. do you think i should go... to the Betty Ford clinic, before 60 minutes finds out... i'm 'hooked' on poemnography. lol insightful words. take care.