RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

He's Dead Mr.Finch

Two cars crash from two sides of the world
One injured, many dead, One a male other a girl
Two thunderstorms across the god damn sky
One shattered barn, many tipped over cows, all that is left is the wind's cry
A child walks toward the playground
His steps being fallowed
All we hear, Is the pipsqueak gangs and demon hounds
His second shadow turns now painted hallow
A sudden shake is brought upon the whole town
Two separate earthquakes, more results tomorrow

Now I can chew on this stick
Telling you I've gone through hell
But I know this
So has everyone as damn well
When a damn thunderstorm mocks my farm
When I fear the world's possible harm
I glower towards the mirror
Knowing right now someone else is dieing
So I take out a cigarette and take a sip of the nearest beer
Knowing that at least I am still alive

In turn I say this as I can
I know this world, I see the god damn colors blend
I'm not too old to stand and I can't stand when you all complain
Knowing that right now someone else is in pain
I doubt you shout at the pain they contain
But you never know they may be praying an end to your troubles
Life is but, But a god damn bubble and all we can is bounce around and protect each other

Two shadows again, again looking towards my face
One man has a grin, the other a knife
Through the air like ice skaters, they show no haste
In ending my god damn life
One black, the other looked gray
With a slice, a cut, So many turns they just simply ruin my day
Like race car drivers across the speedway
They steal my bus pass, my once so fine hat, everything that was once mine is in their grasp
But Atticus finch told me to get along
So even as they spit in my face
I still pray for their souls
And when I want to simply die in grace
One loses control
And shots a gun

Tuesday June 1st,2007
The town's beloved old man, has his ticked to heaven
Said to be killed by two men, one's name is David Cole
His body found with bullet holes
Witnesses revealed that Cole were drunk
Typical teenager, no friends, when his girlfriend left me his grades sunk
And in this sad ending to such a nice man
I am here, in the park where his body was found I stand
We see each day, our news cluttered with death and sad ends
No moments of rest, joy or meeting again with an old friend
But I will say this America, I am appalled
To see a man's life break and fall
Has Atticus finch taught us anything at all?
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