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He’s Done So Much For Me
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

He’s Done So Much For Me

Poem By Bob Gotti

The Lord has done so much for me, and He started it upon a tree,
Where Christ Jesus was crucified, when for all of our sins He died.
But from the grave He rose again, and became Hope for all men.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the hope of all for Eternal Life.
He appeared to men as God’s proof, validating The Word of Truth.
And The Truth has set me free, from Christ’s work upon that tree.

He sent The Spirit upon the earth, to guide all men to a new birth.
Through The Spirit He teaches us, Eternal Truths men can trust.
He guides me every day my friend, with His promise for the end,
A promised home prepared for me, to dwell with Him for Eternity.
Christ is always by my side, supplying a peace that’s not denied.
Christ’s sent Eternal Peace, sealed by The Spirit, shall not cease.

Christ ascended to His Authority, His Throne above for all Eternity,
There Christ intervenes for those, who believed and know He rose.
When He ascended to His Throne, Christ left me not here all alone,
He sent The Spirit into my heart, who then gave my life a new start.
To me The Holy Spirit He did impart, who now lives within my heart.
He goes with me along the way, to guide and protect me every day.

Friend it was for me that Jesus Christ, became an atoning sacrifice.
He was a bloody sacrifice of Love, pleasing to His Father up above.
Christ was mocked and crowned, and he was buried in the ground.
Where all my sins were buried too, no longer in The Father’s view.
Christ lived and died on my behalf, so that I would not suffer wrath.
Instead it will be life ahead for me, as I reign with Christ for eternity.

He bestows upon me His Power, through each day and every hour.
In my weakness His Power flows, as His Strength within me grows.
His Strength He always gives to me, whether in riches or in poverty.
For all my riches are in Jesus Christ, not in this temporal fleeting life.
Eternal Riches are found in Him, Christ who saved me from my sin.
Christ alone is my Eternal Reward, thus I end with Thank You Lord.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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