He's Just Too Cool

You're way too cool for me.

It's the way you're better dressed than me in a loose AF tee
and aviator shades, flashing like your smile,
that gets me so hot and itchy.

It's way you never work
too hard for what you want,
but instead kick back like such a jerk.

It's the way you drive so fast,
and laugh at the swerving cars behind
that makes me jealous of the cars you do past.

You're way to cool for me.
I believe it, if you don't.

It's the way you never talk politics or poetry
and tell me I'm too old for my age
instead you hide your intelligence so I don't take you seriously.

It's the way you kiss my cheek too much
and tell me you don't miss me
that gets my panties in a bunch.

It's the way you let me play hard to get,
while you lie about all the others you have,
that gets me secretly in a fit.

You're way too cool for me.

And I wish you could be stopped or proven wrong
every time you convince me that you want me
and when you take me somewhere to flaunt me
but you're so cool, and you and I together just belong.

by Delilah Miller

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Comments (2)

Groovy style...sick wit it write home grl! ! Keep it up! Rage'n Cage'n XXOXX
Simply COOL piece Colette! Teenagers like you are hot and frank with their feelings... freedom of expression. Worth the 9.