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He's More Than A Superstar
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

He's More Than A Superstar

Poem By Bob Gotti

Jesus Christ is not a superstar, as He is much, much Greater by far.
To offer Christ such an accolade, is indeed my friend, quiet insane.
The very Creator of this earth would find the title of little worth.
For the Sustainer of all there is would find this to be quite amiss.

When asked, Peter didn't think twice and responded you're the Christ.
Thomas acknowledged Him with a nod and exclaimed my Lord and my God.
John went ahead to herald The Lamb to take away the sin of the world.
Even by men whom He was ignored will one day confess Christ is Lord.

It is very clearly plain that Christ doesn't need to seek man's fame.
For God exalted him and put his name high above every other name,
Being King of kings and Lord of lords He doesn't need man's awards.
Being the fulfillment of all the laws He doesn't need men's applause.

He's far greater than anyone can be and yet He died for you and me.
He didn't go on a stage for all to see, but He was nailed on a tree.
He never received top billing but died for all men as He was willing.
He was willing to set His self aside so that we wouldn't have to die.

He doesn't need a role to fill as He owns every cattle on every hill.
All authority is given to Him, to come back soon and judge all sin.
Up above He has taken His seat until His enemies are under His feet.
When He's finished this and more He will reign from Zion forevermore.

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