{ Can You Hear The Soft Whispers Of My Heart? }

The soft whispers, the violent screams, the wimpers of self induced pain. My life such a crime that it was wasted on this earth, molested by the winds, raped by the sun, murdered by the fire. I am a victim of this earth, attempting to live and die at the same time.

You cannot tell me how impossible it is to live with a pessimistic attitude. I already know. I am not ignorant, I am not all knowing.
~~ I am trapped ~~

In this world we are allowed only one freedom at a time. My hands are free to write, yet I am blindfolded. I can only hear what I am told. When I have grown old enough that I may see what is truely happening, my hands will be crippled with arthritis, my voice too soft to be heard. This
is why only the very willing can learn from the elderly.
This is why our world is dying

My life is pitiful
My world is small
My views are narrowed
My mind is bound

I am controlled by this world. The same one I want desperately to abandon.

*My life *My life *My life *

My society induced labyrinth with no center to find.

by jen capaldi

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