ASD (1968 / Brooklyn, NY)

He's My Father, Not Yours

If you see the deep lines on his forehead,
Don't call him angry,
Don't think he's unworthy of your mercy,
He's toiled and labored a hundred times harder than you
To get to where he stands today.
Millions of books are written about heroes,
They forgot this one that I know,
Who has fought against the giants of prejudice
And stands strong now,
Endured the tests of time.
DId you get the doors closed on you
When you didn't know perfect English?
Did you work in a factory, go to school, and
still tried to keep your family together when there
wasn't enough money coming in to pay the bills?
Did you go to college
when everyone laughed in your face and said
it was a ridiculous idea?
But, then, He's my father, not yours.
I know his heart and his passion,
I've seen the sweat of his soul,
I've been there to watch him secretly
To know he's made it beyond his own dreams.
Stronger than strong, wiser than wisdom
His words are filled with pictures from his mind,
He is a man, a fighter, a champion among men.
You may not think so,
but then again,
He is my father, not yours.
I've seen him fight for causes to make a difference,
I've seen his sacrifice, his endless labour of love,
You wouldn't believe me if I told you half the stories,
He is my father, not your.

by Angeline Santiago Duran

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