He's My Friend

He promised me that when we started, He would be with me to the end,
For He isn't just a man, but He's my Lord, and my God, and my Friend.

Understanding these basic facts the early Church stood in one accord,
For this very unity of the Church is for what The Lord had implored.

The very Word that started the Church, must today be again explored,
As adherence to The Word is the only way true unity will be restored.

It is Jesus Christ who is that very Word, and He will not be ignored,
For being sent with The Father's authority, to many He is their Lord.

For He was given full authority from His Father with a pleasing nod,
And when Doubting Thomas saw Him, he responded “My Lord and My God.”

So my dear friend its time to strip off your useless worldly facade,
For when Christ returns, He will rule His Eternal Kingdom with a rod.

For Christ knows all about your life and where your feet have trod,
And Jesus leads to paths of righteousness, for many He is their God.

He commanded us to preach the Gospel, before to Heaven He did ascend,
It is The Truth for us to live by, not simply an option to recommend.

This is a message that many with hardened hearts won't comprehend,
And there are those who live unrighteous, whose hearts it will offend.

Let Him in and see, that the darkest heart His Grace will transcend,
For Jesus Christ would like to be your Lord, your God, and Friend.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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