He's No Angel

Poem By Michael Ernst

Yeah, I see him
And he see's me, I know
Skulking in the shadows
Into the light he will not go

The hood may hide his face
But the scythe gives him away
Dummy brought a knife to a gunfight
But it's his game, let him make his play

No, he's no stranger
Yes, we've met before
I'm up 2 to nothing, and he knows I know
That he's keeping score

If I knew which alais to use today
I'd call him out by name
Azrael, El Muerte, Ankou, Odin, Yama
Really doesn't matter, they're all the same

But now is not the time or place
We will meet again, but on my terms
It will be decisive this time
For one of us hell awaits and burns

No matter how it ends, I win
Because when it's all said and done
The best score he can hope for is...
Mike 2 Reaper 1


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