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Tears Of A Teenage Mother

Tears Of A Teenage Mother

Poem By david bailey

My broken heart is torn in two,
anytime I think of you.
You were everything a dad is not,
I can't believe I ever thought

that you were actually here to stay,
I blocked out the thought of you leaving, on a cold, gray, day.
But my broken heart is mended,
even though our friendship has ended,

for I have a dad now,
who's been there to watch me grow.
He's been there through my joy and pain,
he's been there through my losses and gains.

He's been there through my every tear,
He's been there always throughout the years.
He's the one who will walk me down the aisle,
he's the one who will be there through every mile.

He's the one who calls me by name,
he's the one who every time came,
whenever my voice rang out, strong and proud,
and even when it was small, and not so loud.

He's the one who will give me away,
he's the one I will dance with, on that long-awaited day.
He's the one who's always been there,
he's the one who's proven his care.

He's the one I can truly call dad,
he's the one who I'll never forget I had.
He's the one who cheers me up when I am blue,
he's the one I'll never have to ask, 'Who are you? '

He's the one I trust with my life,
he's the one who's given no reason for continuous strife.
He's the one I know is true,
for he, of course, is no you.

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this poem is absolutely beautiful and extremely heart felt thank you for sharing