He's Not Dead!

That miraculous Sunday morning
You could say, all hell broke loose
The demons jeered with fear
As they told Satan the bad news

Master we don't know what happened
He lay dead in the grave
The stone started rocking
The next thing the stone rolled away

We really couldn't see master
All this light shown so bright
We could hear some voices
And it sounded just like Christ

Satan if you really want
We can check on this right away
He couldn't have gotten far
He was just dead yesterday

Satan flinched and snarled
As he give the demons a nod
Do you know who he is?
He's the only son of God

He has more power
In the blink of an eye
Than me and my whole army
There's no way he's gonna die

Thought I had a chance
When I saw him on that tree
But I should have known
When he said, he'd only be there three

Satan snapped his finger
All the demons fell at his feet
Our agenda is move onto the helpless
There's no way this Jesus can be beat

Those blood curdling words
Satan fears each time that it's said
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
He is alive, he's not dead!

by Lagaya Evans

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