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He's Not Telling Me
TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)

He's Not Telling Me

Poem By timelia tison

Telling me — reaching out to hear from me.
Silently see him smile
Choking on the passing time
Does he even care for me?
My heart sings the purest tragedy.
If there’s nothing to believe,
Scream it out so I won’t grieve.
He has her waiting close
Cause he doesn’t know where to go.
Changing his mind constantly
Then change again when no one knows.
Does he see that I can not stay?
I can nit stand the time.
I can not stand the days.
Because he not telling me—
Pictures of the fallen me.
In his hands where I can’t see.
Opened mind and hear from me.
I’m singing you calamity.
Inside am afraid
To hear that he’ll love me till my grave.
When he’s telling me—
Loving my misery.
Suffering, so pray for me.
Hoping you will help me breathe.
Ecstasy and I leave.
I’m screaming my insanity.
If this isn’t meant to be,
Why are you telling me?
He’s not telling me—

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