He's Only Just Away My Son

My son,
When I got the news that you were gone,
I stared into space. I couldn't believe what they had said,
The just told me that my child was dead.
I remember when you as just a little boy,
You would play outside most other day,
I would go and check on you, later you would come in the
house and check on me.
Do you remember when you would take your toys apart?
Somehow you would manage to put them back the way they were
made to be.
This couldn't be true , that you are gone,
you said to me, "Mom, I will always be there for you."
As you got older, you would say to me, "mom, I'm Ok."
Don't worry about me. "You always listen to your favorite music.
Up above my head, i hear music in the air.
"Honey, are you somewhere up there?"
You see I am not ok.
Jesus said, my child, I am coming back again, I will bring
your loved ones back with me.
He is only just away....

by Delores Maloy

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