RVS ( / Hamnonton, NJ, USA)

He's Special, He's My Brother

Form the time we were just little kids I followed him around.
No matter the chores he had to do, that's where I could be found.
I helped him fee the chickens and give the cow some hay,
I helped him fill the wood bin when he called me form my play.

"Come sister, help me build a kite and I'll let you hold the string.
I'll even let you make a tail, and we'll fly it in the wind".
When he was sent into the bogs to find berries ripe and sweet,
I too must go along to fill our pails with tasty treats.

When he grew up he bought a car, an old black Model Ti,
when first he took it for a spin, there by his side was me!
Then one day he joined the service and left our little home,
he looked so splendid in his dress blues; a sailor boy all grown.

Thoughts of time wander through my mind as memories re-echo again.
Steps we climbed as years fled, by the pages of a book in life's frame.
Through sorrows or happiness, whatever befell, we remembered each other.
My God bless and keep him in His care for, he's special, he's my brother.

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