He's The Man (A Poem Of Falling Into Him)

He passes me by and my neck turns,
360 degrees, just to see him walk on by.
He talks to any one and my heart burns,
jelousy eats me from inside and i'll cry.
He smiles and look in his mobile's screen,
and i die to know who's calling him now?
His eyes reflect colours i've never seen,
i wonder if i can survive him some how?
He asks me a thing and i'm tongue tied,
i utter words, that even i don't understand.
He gazed at the floor and i sighed,
he's the one, he's to be loved, he's the man.
My heart beats out loud to his name,
i look all around me to see where he's at.
God, it'll be heaven if he feels the same,
god, he's so amazing, i've gone way mad.
But what a girl like me to do,
when she sees her dream in front of her.
I feel like my sadness is through,
i think lonliness maybe i'm done with her.
It's like i forgive any one who hurted me,
all in me screams out to a new life with him.
I think it's my right to feel this love in me,
i stayed in lonliness years but i'm done with them.
The whole world will know i'm in love,
they'll all know i'm done with living in the dark.
He's the one i can't stop thinking of,
he's the one, he's the man and he has my heart.

by Eman Awad

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