He's The Man (A Poem Of Falling (More) Into Him)

The way he smiles in my imagination,
is glorious, what if he really smiled at me?
I'm to headed in another destination,
i'm where he's at, i'm following willingly.
The way he looks the other way,
when our eyes meet, break my heart.
And when he looks at me another day,
i forget how yesterday i was torn apart.
It's a word from his lips to revive me,
it takes just one word, why don't you say?
I'm chained to it's sound, never free,
i admit all about you takes my breath away.
All for you i'm willing to do,
let me know or tell me if my castles are of sand.
I wish to tell him i love you,
for he's the one, he's to be loved, he's the man.
I can't blame you for how you make me feel,
but i just can't let go when i'm feeling this way.
How you made all of my dreams become real,
i wish you won't let go, i wish you would stay.
I talk often to my self, will he ever know,
what part of how i feel didn't he understand?
It's so beautiful to be true how love grow,
for he's the one, he's to be loved, he's the man.

by Eman Awad

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