He's Yours Lord

When my baby boy was born
I held him tight
I prayed please Lord
Let him be alright

And he was perfect
God said he would be
Trust when I say
He's the image of me

I could see early on
He had favour with God
He had the heart of Christ
He would teach and be taught

I knew when he was a baby
I knew what I'd have to do
I'd have to open up my hands
Lord, give him completely to you

He's yours Lord
I know you have a plan
From that newborn baby
To a Godly young man

He stands out above others
Everyone sees you in his walk
He knows when to be quiet
And when you have him talk

Just like in the bible days
You found favour with a few
You knew from the beginning
They completely gave to you

The heart of a child
Where no doubt ever is
When faith comes full circle
Your life belongs to his

God said
You would be a mighty man
A mighty warrior
A giant in our land

He says keep your eyes on me
When your way is poor
I will be your way maker
Saith the Lord

He's yours Lord
Please help him to see
That the time has come
For you to take the lead

He was mommy's little man
Now he's all grown up
He's yours Lord
To do with as such

by Lagaya Evans

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Lagaya, This was a very nice poem, I enjoyed it. Thanks You