He Said

He said he loved me,
He said I was the one,
In the end he’s the one that shattered my heart,
He said he never loved another girl like he loved me,
He said I was the one girl he ever wanted in life,
In the end he’s the one that made me think twice what other guys say,
He said he would never cheat on me,
He said things I should believe,
In the end I didn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth,
He said he would never leave me,
He said he would be there for me,
In the end he was the one that cheated on me with my best friend,
He said things that wasn’t true,
He made a fool out of me,
He is the one to be blamed,
She is the one that made him think I was the one cheating on him,
She told him lies,
Fill his head with things that he never told me,
I knew things wasn’t right,
I knew he was cheating on me,
I made myself believe that he wouldn’t cheat on me,
I was wrong,
Wrong to believe in him or my so called friend,
He may had said a lot of things but in the end he lost me.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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I love this poem! ! 1 Im going thru the same thing right now! ! ! But its not wit my best friend! ! ! Its wit his best freind (a girl) ! ! ! ! And i dont know what to believe! ! !