He Says Far Too Many

He says far too many compassionate people in the Country on saying that he has it all wrong
If this is his idea of what is compassion the gene of compassion in him is not strong
For the hungry and homeless he has little pity for asylum seekers he does not have any tears
Though they are punished for being poor and stateless by being kept in detention for years
His idea of compassion to many quite different he feels that it is quite okay
That poor people who flee drought stricken areas and war zones deserve for to be locked away
In conditions far worse than most normal prisons though to want a safe life is their only crime
In detention centers surrounded by barbed wire they spend years of their time
Some people on their idea of a fair go disappoint me but each to their own as they say
But sadly he is only one of many who do look on human life on this way
Poor people who due to war and hunger are forced for to flee their homeland
For years incarcerated in detention centers something i struggle to understand
He said far too many compassionate people too easily moved to empathy
For the stateless asylum seekers though with him i did disagree.

by Francis Duggan

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