JL (March 19,1994 / California)

He Says

the eyes into which you stared
told you that you're crazy not to be scared
when everything familiar
is falling to pieces tomorrow

the heart into which you look
is but one chapter of the book
the cycle of life is as follows:
love, loss, sorrow

do not invest
all of your interest
he says
in something so unimportant
but what if it's important to me

I always thought that we
were a possibility
but now I know you wouldn't accept me
unless I changed

and what right do you have over mine
to come up with a new design
for all of my priorities
to be rearranged

do not insist
that something will be missed
he says
because that is so pointless
but what if it's not pointless to me

it used to be
he says
I listen
I conform
but now it is different

he says
I listen
I hold my ground

he says
you'll only get hurt

I say
you are right
but you are wrong

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