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Plead Life Sentence To Girl Rizana.

Plead Life sentence to Rizana…

Teenage lass of same race and religion
Committed to under take family salvation
Left home land to slave and sell, laborious strength and endurance
To pacify busy cores of their comfort, wealth and existence

In-born under privileged destiny with neither marital nor maternal experience
Though was in the verge of childish, playful atmospherence
Pleaded mother’s love, neither to her or the other in that house so exorbitant
How can? as they are more concerned with laborious investment

Love and affection, warmth and nutrition
Yes he too, a four month old boy of human
To feel and fondle other than the command
Was the emotional war, that this lass had in her mind

Money can purchase, mother’s love and other
But the kid doesn’t understand either
Never bother as they can substitute rather
Sentencing to death is one of their another

Death owner, law and order blended with almighty’s power
Blessings of Royal highness and his odor
Unless the intervention of AHR divine power
And we too, let’s prey life for her together

Plot: Death sentence to migrant worker in Saudi Arabia.

Please comment: poet: sisirachandra vaduge.
Source: & live @ eight transmission Srilanka- 26th October 2010.
Ps.AHR- Asian Human rights organization- All rights reserved by the author.

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Truly this had nothing to do with me in any way. I had been talking with a teacher/poet...who had suggested i read another's poems on this site. Her first name is Angie i believe...he loves her writes...and so i took a peek and saw what she wrote of...and i just wanted to prove to this great teacher/poet that i was capable of writing in a similar fashion, even though, it is not me, not my inner self either, believe me, i i looked again at her work and thought and thought...this was not easy, and no it did not come from deep in this case, i, respectfully disagree. When i wrote about my reasons, that was the truth...this DID NOT come from my inner being. Whether you choose to believe that or not, is your right. i know the truth. It WAS NOT abot me, nor did it have anything to do with me in any way!
I understand you said this has nothing to do with you or anyone you know...but I would think as you the woman who might have read or seem a a place...has been touched deep, deep within your inner self..and as you began to write those word from within your inner self came running to the front to be heard so you let them...and I believe you know, you let them write...I enjoy the heat...and Sweat drenched sheets