He Set His Face


He set His face like a flint
For the mission He had there
On His journey to Jerusalem
That sacrificial sin bearer
The cross He bore was heavy
That He carried to Calvary
But the cross He bore for our sin debt
Was a heavier agony

The debt we owed was massive
None other could pay our due
Our sinless, spotless, sacrifice
The Lamb, was in full view
As a sheep before her shearers is dumb
So openeth He not His mouth
To His Father and the thief He spoke
Then let His last breath out

The spear was thrust into His side
Out poured water and blood
So not one bone of His was broken
As prophesied by our God
Wounded for our transgressions
Bruised for our iniquities
Sin took its final payment
And thought to take its ease

Gods' satisfaction with that payment
He proved it to all His foes
Three days buried in a borrowed tomb
Then up from the grave He arose
That's got to send some shivers
Up the believers spine
O Glory! ........ HaLLELUJAH! ! !
That risen Saviour's mine!

Copyright April 18,2011,9; 00 a.m.
Gary James Smith

by Gary James Smith

Comments (1)

True indeed, He paid it all, with His blood we were saved, what a selfless ness act, pure and true love beyond measure, only if we could comprehend that as humans, then we'll accept Christ as the way, truth and life. Thank you for sharing James Smith.