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He Should Get On With Living Life

His girl friend she has left him she now sleeps with his ex best friend
And he feels so devastated that he wishes his life would end
But he may as well get on with living as there's nothing about it he can do
For he is not the first and he won't be the last that such a thing has happened to.

For the past few weeks at evenings he sits at home and sheds his grief in tears
He should go to the local pub and join his mates in a few beers
For she is not worth grieving for since with him she would not stay
And his ex best friend never really was his friend at least 'twould seem that way.

She broke her promise to him that she would become his wife
But he may as well forget her and get on with his life
There are plenty of unattached young women out there and he is in his prime
And pining for one who does not love you seems such a waste of time.

It does seem such a waste of energy in pining for a lost love when he can find somebody new
What has happened to him is not unusual as such has happened to quite a few
Men and women are losing their partners and their wives and husbands to their so called best friends every day
Your best friend today can become your enemy tomorrow in love and war they say.

The love ache that is in his heart time surely will repair
And he should get on with living life for there's plenty more women out there
His trust has been betrayed and he feels badly let down
But no shortage of young and pretty nubile females in this heavily populated Town.

by Francis Duggan

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