He Stumbles

He stumbles in the dark
To try to find his place
As streaks of bitter tears
Pour down his lonely face.

Confusion and desolation
Takes over again
And he tries to reason
Why it all began.

Was it the first pill he popped
Or the first bottle he drank from
That brought his long fall
And made him what he’s become.

And as he shouts in the wind
His voice is carried away
To fall on deaf ears
Of all those he betrayed.

For the lies he did tell
And the hearts that he broke
Now he pays his own price
As on his repentance he chokes.

He’s changing, he swears
If only given the chance
He’ll prove to them all
It was all due to circumstance.

Why can’t they believe him
And who’s keeping score
And he stumbles…
To reach for his bottle once more.

by Terry Biscamp

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