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He Told Her

He told her, and never asked her to do this or that
Then he would curse her and kick her and then call her fat,
He told her how to dress and how to style her hair
He even told her the color and style of her underwear.
She must keep his house clean and cook his favorite meals
He wore the pants in the family, and all she wore were high heels,
Any thinking that would be done, it would be done only by him
And if she didn't like it, or observe it, he'd hit her or break her limb.
He told her that she must always accept his every command
As she was his property as was proved by the ring on her hand,
She was his servant, but to be precise his personal slave
And she would remain his possession until she entered her grave.
To have her own friends she was not ever allowed
She must always obey him as unto the Bible she had vowed,
He told her that this world and the laws were made precisely for men
So, he hit her and he raped her........ again, and again.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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