He Told Me...

Poem By Nisha Chadda

He tells me to trust him, but how can I...
After everything he has put me through - all those lies!
I have been crying out and shedding tears the whole day through
And he tells me, don't cry - I really love you...

I want to believe him, I really do
I have never loved anyone, ever so true...
Its said for a girl, her 1st love is forever...
He is my 1st love, what can I do? ? ?

I want to hear his voice just one more time
I want to hold his hand and keep it in mine
I want to look into his eyes and express my love for him
I don't want to let go - just hold on to him!

But I have never forced anyone in my life
How can I then force him to stay?
How can I convince him that my love is true
And my every heart beat just bore his name?

I know I have to let him go
And take him out from my heart
But is it going to be possible? ? ?
I really doubt!

I don't know why he did what he did...
And I don't know what he feels about me...
All I know is that I loved him...
And I had just listened to my heart beat!

I know not now which road to lead
And what my future will be...
I just know I had given him my heart
And he returned it to me mercilessly! ! !

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Same this happened with me i want to meet you... i also love a girl by name Nisha Chadha.......

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