He Took My Innocence

life treated you badly
life treated me badly
we've both had unhappy lives..
you told me your problems
i felt sorry for you..
you made the move...
i was too young to know better..
you where 44...
i will never ignore.. you sometimes made me smile..
but sometimes made me cry..
each day went by..
the same routine the same things happened..
i shut everyone out and only trusted you..
people noticed the massive changes...
some ignored...
the POLICE station...
walking through the doors...not knowing what was about to hit me hard.
the day my world fell apart..
months of shame
months of hurt
months of sadness
months of pain...
nothing worse then sitting in a court room knowing his listening to your every word...
he lied through his teeth..
while everyone saw right through him exept the women that carried on his abuse for him, ...months of spitting being called a liar...how was that fair?
guilty...3 accounts... sent down for 2 years.....

thats for a man that took my innocence and my life away...

by natasha jjj

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