He Walked Into Tomorrow


He walked into tomorrow, and he went alone,
he walked into tomorrow, the place of the great unknown,
did he walk with Jesus, did jesus take his hand,
who was it that came to lead him, into the promised land,
was it the great savior that we read so much about,
did the gates to heaven open, or did they shut him out,
who was there to meet him, to lighten up his way,
was it an angel with a halo, with a heart so light and gay,
one with the golden harp, with those melodious strings,
did it set his feet to tapping, like it did when he sings,
or did he walk into the darkness, of the place we know as hell,
I couldn't tell by looking, at his empty shell,
but I listened to the preacher, to the words he so wisely said,
that his spirit might have left him, but he really wasn't dead,
I knew him when he was a child, I knew him as a man,
I knew him, about as well as anybody can
I thought about his tomorrow, that would never be,
and I realized the sorrow, that was left for you and me,
I thought about his lifetime as I shed my tears,
and I knew I would remember him, for all my remaining years.

written by Harry Bryant
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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