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He Was A One Night Stand
( / Germany)

He Was A One Night Stand

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

I hoped he would understand
Afterall he was a grown up male
Used to frequently dishing out this same tale

There he stood out at the club
As I sat listening to a rock band
My legs were weak
My pants were wetting up like a freak
my heart was pounding
Tick, Tock, tick
my nipples were standing still
waiting for strong hands to feel them
and touch them until they stood erect
They strongly needed that effect

He was a one nightstand
but also arrogantly a snob
Somehow I managed to wave my wagic wand
In a land of music as he followed me
to my hotel hub
We started out in the bathroom tub
I had a strong sexual urge
So a huge interest in him I forged

As he pumped in and out
I had to rest with a bottle of stout
Before we copulated again
having a ball
In between it all
We caught a few hours sleep
then I disappeared
leaving him with memories to keep

He was a one night stand
I hoped he would understand
Instead I was bombarded
with numerous phonecalls
telling me that standing him up
would be the begining of my downfall

He stalked me night and day
'Its over accept, I would say'
He stopped me once on my return from work
it was dark and the streets were empty
but he wanted to talk

'When we made love, why did you show me feelings of care'

' Sweetheart I did then but no more, I'm afraid this life is unfair'

' But it was real, I could feel it'

'Then I am afraid I played against your wit'

I have never heard from him
After that night
I just hope my feeling is right
Its all over as it almost seems
He was a one night stand
I hoped he would understand

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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Comments (3)

for as many one-nighters as most men have, they sure don't take it well when it is done to them, huh?
after describing your erect nipples, I'm heartbroken to have had a never-nightstand with you!
Hi Sylvia darling, Dave from Holland, Nice poem...........ah Poor Girl in this poem not nice......but keep writting try something Happy, Like: One Weeks Stand? Happily Married? Singel again? Have FUN Dave xxx