He Was Into Her As Death Was Into Sea

As tears rolled down her eyes, his car drived away
Knowing deep down inside, she'll never see him tomorrow nor any other day
She didn't wipe her eyes for she wasn't ashame of her tears, for the man she loved for so many years
She counted each and everyday that went by, for that was the number survive
Winter nights arrive so cold without his soft, warm, hands
She felt that not even fire can warm her like he can
Life goes on as they all say
Take one step at a time in it's all great
But how could she let all go for she loved him so
But he didn't know
If he wasn't by her side, then no one would be
So she drown herself in the dark, willow, sea
As her body sank beneath the water, she had rest in peace
For she no longer suffer because, she had no breath to breeze

by Hello World

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