He Was My Dad

As I grew up, you caressed my heart with love,
Nurtured my mind with curiosity,
And brushed my hands with talents.
So much so, that at times,
I had to sit back to catch my breath,
That had long since left me,
To touch some other part of the universe.
And, I breathless, rushed to go along,
On this mysterious ride,
Wherever it would take me,
Joy slapping in the wind,
As it blew through the mist of my soul.
And then you left,
On a journey only you alone could take
No other could go in your stead,
You followed where it lead,
Humble in the face of a greatness you could sense but
could not see or feel.
The distance was infinity,
The destination known to no man,
As you reached out and touched the hand of God.

by Catherine Ruedy

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