(27 December 1797 – 15 February 1869 / Agra / British India)

He Was, When It Was Aught

He was, when it was aught
He would still be, even if it might have been naught
Drowned I am in my ego
What would have happened if 'I' was not
Laden with distraught and feeling apathetic
do I have to worry about the head being severed
If it did not severe from the body
The head would have simply reposed on the lap
It has been ages that 'Ghalib' died
Yet the memories linger on
His saying this on every occasion
If it was 'like this' then what it would be!

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نہ تھا کچھ تو خدا تھا
very good poem my friend
Do we make a difference in what happens? I think we do- it might be only a slight difference or it may change the course of someone's life or perhaps history of the world itself.
Na thaa kuchh to Khudaa thaa, kuchh na hotaa to Khudaa hotaa Duboyaa mujh ko hone ne, na hotaa mai.n to kyaa hotaa huaa jab Gam se yuu.N behis to Gam kyaa sar ke kaTane kaa na hotaa gar judaa tan se to zaa.Nno.n par dharaa hotaa huii muddat ke 'Ghalib' mar gayaa par yaad aataa hai wo har ek baat pe kahanaa ke yuu.N hotaa to kyaa hotaa”
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