He, Who Attained The Zenith In Supreme Wisdom,2....,

He, the superhuman, whom I have faith on,
for his wisdom, supreme superior and superlative
Discoursed the cause and effect relationships,
all events and occurrences governed by
in the secular as well as spiritual worlds

He, who asked the monk,
“do you think, that star is still there”?
answering in realization based wisdom,
a query by a monk pointing at a star up above,
long before Galileo was born and Hubble was invented

He who saw the impermanency
of all material beings as well as things
believe to be there in reality, as a mere illusion,
the mind is made naturally to perform
much earlier than those great scientists
put forward Quantum theory in recent past
expounding the behavior of matter, at sub atomic level

by Jayatissa Liyanage

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