He, Who Attained The Zenith In Supreme Wisdom,3....,

It was he, who, holding a fistful of fallen leaves
from the wood and asked disciples,
“Which is more, this or what you see through the vast wood”?
To illustrate the gap between what has been discoursed
and what had been understood by him

He, who, realizing through wisdom
applied a pragmatic measure
on the speed at which the mind transacts
in terms of mind moments (chiththakshanas) , which is,
less than even a mere trillionth of an eyelid batting

He, who, knowing the mind (Chitta) fundamentally as
a process of cognizing or knowing an object,
identified eighty nine varying different types in all, and
broadly categorized and assigned them in to four major spheres;
the sense-sphere, material sphere, immaterial sphere
and super mundane sphere, to be understood by the layman
two thousand and six hundred years ago

by Jayatissa Liyanage

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I read all the three poems on Buddha highlighting the wisdom of the enlightened one! A wonderful tribute to the great soul on the occasion of International Wesak day!