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He Who Is Watched By The Unseen God
TÓC (22-12-1976 / Beal Atha na Slua, Chontae an Gaillimh, Eire)

He Who Is Watched By The Unseen God

Poem By Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

He who walks knows not he is watched:
By a God who sees us all and is fair,
Though not seen by human eyes,
No one doubts that he is there...

He who is watched by the unseen God -
By Him is not protected:
From the obvios trials of life,
And so by Evil he is more effected...

He who has tried to please his God...
Will see heaven when he dies,
Though to be holy in life often he failed:
He repented: and most importantly he tried.

Thise mortals who holy themselves saw...
And this sinner who was by them condemned...
May find themselves in a different place:
Then they expected by Judgements end.

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Comments (3)

A wonder write; the last stanza was more than a fitting ending; great job!
Judge not lest ye be Judged first......Another brilliant piece....x
i like it...It seems today that there are many who seem to know God's plan, and how to go about fulfilling it. Judgement is a painful thing, when a person realises that judgement was their crime.