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LMD (10/06/88- / Deptford, NJ)


Poem By Larisa Marie Davis

best friend,
you've always been
better than boys, more loyal than men.
can't get over,
what you say.
i won't believe it,
not today.

you show messages,
where you've written
down the story of your life.
i come to realize that in the end,
you probably won't be taking a wife.

i can't imagine how you feel,
i cry and think it can't be real.
please tell me that i'm mistaken,
i need your voice for calm, i'm shaking.
i want you back the way you were.
i'll accept you no matter how you are,
just show me that you've not gone far.

i love you now and always will,
you're like a drug, and i've swallowed the pill...
i can't get over everything,
i still want you more than anything.

and you don't like my kind anymore,
i can't let this come to an end
the best thing i can be,
is best friend.

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People commonly say that a friend is the one who will do anything for you, whom you can ask for a favour anytime. I have come to think that this is indeed a very selfish view of life. In fact we should consider those as our friends whom we are willing to help unconditionally and anytime of the night. Brilliant work Larisa. Keep it up.
very touching i too have a very dear friend who has left me and gone int the wilderness of commerce he is a ryan too..