A Love To Last Forever

C-oal clouds become white
A-fter the dark fades away;
R-ain and chill have turned
I-nto a warm sunny day.
S-hadows slowly disappear,
S-miling beacon begins to rise;
A-nother morning light is reflecting in your eyes.

P-ure and genuine gladness
I-s coupled with sheer fun;
M-arch second early Wednesday,
E-vening yields to the sun.
N-ew dawn has broken,
T-wilight is nowhere in sight;
E-arly breeze brings joy,
L-aughter and pure delight.

V-ile weather turns fine,
E-nding the colder clime;
N-o fear despite the storm,
T-ill the end of time.
U-nload your worry and doubt,
R-emember the Lord is there;
A-sk Him in a little prayer for a love to last forever.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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