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He Will Always Be

He will always be the aging bloke from elsewhere
A blow in from the bigger World out there
That he is not a local is not hard to tell
His accent is strong he does not speak the language well

In his late forties well beyond his prime years in life
A bomb cost him his three children and their mother his wife
A survivor of a terrible war far away
He lives safe from gunmen and bombers today

Tall and athletic and dark skinned quite a handsome man
Perhaps in this town he will live out his life span
Quite gentle in his ways of him one can say
That he would never harm anyone in any way

Though safe from the gunmen and bombers at last
He does live with his terrible memories of the past
His grief at his great sense of loss he retain
Such bad memories with him sadly well may remain

He is one as a local who will never be known
And whenever i see him he is always on his own
Often out walking in the park or on the street
As nice a person as one could wish to meet.

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