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He Will Be There

Tomorrow morning at dawn he will join in the parade
Up to the war memorial where the last post will be played
Where heads will be bowed after speeches are made
Old wars though long gone from the memory won't fade.

Back in ninteen forty when he was nineteen
The horrors of war in Europe he had seen
Many of his young comrades in Europe now lay
He always march for to honour them on Anzac Day.

In his flag and Country he took such great pride
And with his spirit of adventure and youth on his side
With other brave young Aussies he sailed off to war
To fight in the front line he did travel far.

Now a great grandfather time has left him gray
And clearly he has seen a far better day
But tomorrow at dawn he will stand with bare head
At the war memorial when they honour the dead.

Tomorrow April the 25th it is Anzac Day
When respect to the war dead old diggers do pay
And he will be there at the front of the crowd
The one who was brave where the gunfire was loud.

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