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He Will Hang On To Life

With Little to show for his existence at all
He feels that his biggest achievements are small
His best days behind him his prime years long gone
And only due to the fear of death to life he clings on.

His forty year old son married with school children he has not seen for years
And thought of them often has him close to tears
He has not seen them for eight years in that many a day
They live in a city from him far away.

His ex wife re-married apart they had grown
The seeds of a new love in her life she has sown
He once loved her but to him she was an unfaithful wife
And now he is not unhappy that she is out of his life.

Living in poor low rental accomodation he struggles to pay rent
Though life's lost opportunities he no longer lament
He has lived as unhappy for many a year
And only the fear of death that he does fear.

In his early seventies he looks frail and gray
And the biological clock on his life it keeps ticking away
And though he is a sad and a lonely old man
He will hang on to life for as long as he can.

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