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He Will Never Be One Of The In Crowd

He will never be one of the in crowd to be different to most is his sin
Uninterested in sports and drinking grog one might say that he does not fit in
To the ways of the tribes of the township his interests are different to most
To any local successes one who never does join in the toast
He breeds raises and race racing pigeons one of his great interests in life
As well as being a good father and a good husband to his daughter and his mentally ill wife
Not even well known in his neighborhood though of time he has lived there for a long span
known by the nickname of those who know of him believe it if you may 'The Pigeon Man'
He does not attend any church worship or to any God he does not pray
Like his mum and dad he is an atheist he lives in his own sort of way
The only club he is affiliated with is 'The State Pigeon Racing Club'
One not into community socializing or never seen in any pub
Yet he is a friendly sort of fellow and of worries he does seem carefree
With his wife and their daughter and his pigeons he feels as happy as can be.

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