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He Will Not Be Going Back To The Town By The Hill

He will not be going back to the town by the hill
Where gray butcher bird with the musical bill
Does greet the gray dawn with his familiar song
A voice from once heard that one could not get wrong
With a lovely two year old daughter and a beautiful wife
He feels happy and settled in the urban life
In the mountain town he was born and raised in job opportunities few
He does never wish to go back to the life that he once knew
Where the kookaburra in the twilight does laugh out loud at sundown
On the wooded hill that overlooks the little mountain town
Where on cool mornings in late Winter just a few weeks from the Spring
The lyrebird mimics the songs of other birds in the songs that he does sing
He has no wish for to go back to the town by the hill
With a wife and little daughter in life he has a new role to fulfill.

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