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He Will Not Be Going Back

He will not be going back to the far away town
Where few new businesses open and many close down
Where job opportunities as ever are few
He has moved to better things from the life he once knew

With the responsibility of raising three children to share with his young wife
In suburbia more job opportunities and a better way of life
The nostalgia that he once felt in him has died
For his western first hometown in the brown countryside

Yet the songs of the birds he once knew to his thoughts remain dear
And in fancy the voice of the currawong he does hear
When the sun it is hidden behind rain clouds of gray
Above his hometown by the hills far away

It does look for him his future in suburbia does lay
He will not be going back to live in the town where he first saw light of day
To him the past just a memory of what has been and gone
And from the town by the hills in life he has moved on

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