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He Will Not Be Like His Father

He has said his goodbyes to the old Coastal Town his future is elsewhere
And he has gone to try his luck in the bigger World out there
The wanderlust is in him and he has gone on a long train ride
And his best days are ahead of him and youth is on his side.

Away from his small Country Town a few miles from the sea
Out there in the big World there is so much to see
To make a new start elsewhere a challenge for him to face
He will not be like his parents grow old in the Homeplace.

He will not be like his father now showing his years in gray
Get married to a Local girl and in the Hometown stay
And work in the same job for years on average take home pay
His lust for wander takes him far from home to places far away.

One in his early twenties and close to his life's prime
He will enjoy his youthful years and make the most of time
The wanderlust has taken him to a far bigger Town
At the start of his great journey that could lead him to renown.

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