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He Will Raise You Up
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

He Will Raise You Up

Can you hear them,
Fighting for your soul?
Death, Life,
Dark, Light,
Evil, God.
Can you feel them,
The fires of eternal pain,
Reaching to engulf you?
Can you see it,
The scarlet thread,
Narrow but strong,
Made of holy blood?
The death of One,
For all.
The perfect Rope
By which all men must be saved,
Or else eternally perish.
You fall, cast down
By your own wrongs,
Your own sin.
But take heart-
Catch hold
Of the scarlet thread
Of Christ's blood,
Which He shed,
That you might live.
Catch hold, and no matter
How low you are,
He will raise you up.

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