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He Will Return Next April

In this Land he does feel feel homesick and alone
And sometimes by email and sometimes by phone
He contacts friends and family that he is okay
And tell of his travels in a Land far away.

He has been away from his Homeland for awhile
And in this old brown Country he has travelled many a mile
It has been two years since he left his Hometown
And since many a highway he's been up and down.

In this English speaking Country his English is not so good
But he knows enough of English words to make himself understood
He will be going home next year for to greet the northern Spring
When the finches in the mountain wood will build their nests and sing.

Sometimes by telephone and sometimes by email
He contacts friends and family once a week without fail
He will return next April to his home by the hill
When the wildering flowers are blooming by the babbling mountain rill.

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